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"Senior move managers help older adults and their families with the often overwhelming process of downsizing and moving to a new home. "

Still pertinent even though this was written in 2012.Mary Kay Buysse: Dignified Relocations explains how NASMM Senior Move Managers help Real Estate Professionals. To view the entire article go to:

As you will learn from reading the above article it is all about the plan and then the unpacking. "People have a lifetime of possessions. They should be disposed of with the same sort of thoughtfulness with which they were acquired."

 It's Been Quite the Year!

By Your Side has been busy this last year. We have decluttered, freeing up a lovely lady to complete her interstate move to live near her daughter and new grandchild.

We have sorted hundreds of pounds of papers, organized tax records, set up clearly labeled files both past and active, followed up on online scamming activities and created umpteen bags of duly sorted paper for recycling and trash all to get ready for moves or taming the clutter to allow staying in place.

We have planned the move, lined up the resources, identified what goes and what stays so that the house was ready for staging and listing in one week. Oh goodness! Let's not forget the packing and rearranging prior to kitchen and house renovations.

And finally we have packed, moved, unpacked and set up new homes for seniors moving to Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Memory Care.

Yup, it's been a good year, giving extra hands during a stressful time and coming in with a plan.

Who We Are

Norma Surprenant is the Manager/Owner of By Your Side.

At By Your Side, the whole team uses our skills in social work, senior housing, facility, records and inventory management to provide our special services.

Norma moved from NH to VA to PA and finally to Minnesota 14 years ago. She is familiar with some of the stresses and activities of moving.

As the youngest of 7, she understands the needs of seniors, adult children, busy professionals and out of town family members.

She also prides herself on being an advocate for the client, the person who is moving or wanting to stay in place.


Move From Independent Living to Assisted Living


Family was in town to pack Mrs. H before their vacation travels. Mrs. H had decided while in rehab gaining strength, that she would be moving from Independent Living to an Assisted Living unit in the same community.

By Your Side, moved her from into her assisted living home. All boxes were unpacked, her new home was set up and she enjoyed directing the placement of all her family photos and art in her new home.

With Mrs. H's home fully decorated, on day one, she wasted no time getting back to playing card games with her old friends from the independent area and was thrilled to show her new digs off.


No Options in Rural Area

In Mrs. W's town in rural North Dakota the only senior housing option was a nursing home. One of Mrs. W's daughters lived in the Twin Cities and found a great independent living community for her Mom.

By Your Side, packed Mrs. W in ND, unpacked her in MN and set up Mrs. W's new home.  She arrived at the apartment to find her new home ready for her - surrounded by all the furniture, photos, art and items that were important to her. 


Living in a Chaos of Boxes

Ms. H and her family and friends packed and hired a moving company to move her into her new apartment to be closer to her new job in Minneapolis. She immediately became sick and lost more than a week of work.

She now found herself and all her art and boxes still packed with only weekends and no energy to complete the set up. She could not cook and could not find her shoes for work since both the garage and the apartment were still full of unpacked and inadequately labeled boxes. She was living in chaos and eating out. 

By Your Side was hired to organize the unpacking and to hang the art. By the end of the day Ms. H was able to enjoy both her apartment and her art.


From Hospice Back to Memory Care

Mrs. H's son had her apartment items stored offsite from the community while she was in Hospice. While in Hospice her condition improved and she no longer qualified for Hospice care. Mr. H hired, By Your Side, to resettle Mrs. H back into Memory Care while his wife was out of town traveling. He felt very unsure on how best to hang his mother's family photos and how to arrange the room since he had never done it before.

By Your Side, hung the family photos so that Mrs. H could see them from each preferred area, unpacked all clothes and set up all the furniture from the previously agreed on custom floor plan.


"I recently enlisted the assistance of By Your Side, to move my 92- year- old mother into her memory care apartment. This was extremely helpful as my wife and I were doing some traveling. 

I was pleased with By Your Side's work and thankful for the assistance. Norma was organized in her approach and creative in how she set up Mom's apartment. Her communication was timely and thoughtful.

We felt so positive about the work By Your Side did that we are using them again to assist with the move of my wife's mother from an independent apartment to an assisted living unit. We would highly recommend By Your Side to anyone who needs assistance moving a senior from one living situation to another." Mr. L H


And another

"Earlier this year, By Your Side, assisted me in the preparation, downsizing, organizing, packing, moving, and unpacking of my mother from her home of 11 years into an assisted living apartment 350 miles distant. My sister and I were agonizing- until we brought Norma into the picture.

Norma is an extremely supportive and understanding person,runs her service with competence and engages qualified movers to work with her. Through her contributions and suggestions, tough decisions were made and agreed to, support was given to family members, a bewildering array of belongings were organized and reduced, arrangements were coordinated, frayed emotions were soothed, and the move was meticulously executed! Everything and everyone arrived in great condition.

Throughout it all, Norma made the difference. " Mrs. M W




Norma Surprenant

Norma Surprenant